After way too long I finally have a website! Many of you have been giving me way too much shit about this but that doesn’t matter because NOW I HAVE ONE!

Yes, it took a while. Maybe thats because I was busy shooting my TV show on NBC #UndateableLive (which we are waiting to hear if we have a fourth season so help make that happen somehow.) Or maybe its because I was busy working on my first hour special “Im Brent Morin” which is streaming right now on Netflix. Or maybe its because Im on the road working on my material so that when you beautiful people come to see me “LIVE” you will leave feeling like you made the right decision instead of fighting with your wife on the way home, trying to defend your choice to see me by using YouTube clips as an example!

ORRR… Maybe it’s because some asshole bought my “.com” name trying to get money out of me like this is the 90s and Im on FRIENDS! I LIVE IN AN APARTMENT YOU FUCK!!! I HAVE A ROOMMATE AND STUDENT LOANS STILL!!!

But thanks to fantastic @ROSESLANIC having my back and fighting for me, I have a website!!


So thank you @ROSESLANIC, this first blog post is dedicated to you.



Im sure I’ll forget to update this in a couple weeks.



Sir Brent Morin, M.D

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